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From time to time, most financial institutions require support from external consultants in conceiving, planning or implementing major new developments in their business.

Green button Fresh eyes bring greater objectivity, free of internal 'baggage'
Consultants can focus entirely on strategy development, free from the pressures of running the business
They have extensive experience of running major strategic projects
They may have specialist knowledge of the market, and valuable insights into key market trends

Because private banking and wealth management is an exceptionally complex sector, undergoing rapid change, we believe deep knowledge of the market is an essential prerequisite to successful strategic consulting. This is why we are focused almost entirely on the wealth management sector and we will only field consultants with the experience to make a positive contribution from day one.

Developing the concept: This is the stage at which major market positioning issues need to be resolved, the implications fully explored and potential conflicts addressed. We have developed an approach for tackling these issues to build consensus rather than compromise. We work with the management team to ensure an outcome to which they are all fully committed.

Developing the business plan: We will work with management, and where appropriate with other advisors, to build the concept into a detailed business plan, including specification of products and services, delivery strategy, resource requirements, organisational structure, financial projections and business case

Implementation: We are commited to provide continuing support with implementation, as required. This means helping to ensure that a realistic concept is implemented as agreed in stage one, as well as helping with detailed aspects of implementtion, such as product development, brand positioning, marketing and communications, client relationship management, systems requirements etc

Overall, our approach is to be exceptionally flexible, with the ability to adapt our methodology to the requirements and circumstances of the client, rather than following a standard 'process'.
We use our experience and deep knowledge to maximum effect, only recommending further research and analysis where we believe it will have a significant impact on the development of the strategy. Our emphasis is on specific, practical outcomes that lead to revenue generation.

Our assignments range from start-ups and major strategic initiatives to very specific advice on a detailed aspect of market positioning or implementation, such as defining a new market niche, redefining the approach to client relationship management or constructing a series of marketing activities.